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Ultima X: Odyssey Making Of Video

by Origin

Published 2003

A "making of" video for Ultima X: Odyssey (by Origin Systems). The video was released September 26th 2003, notably important due to the game being cancelled, and Origin being disbanded by EA in Feburary 2004, and is thus an interesting look at the last game the company ever worked on, and what they thought it would be when released.

The video contains interviews with Daniel Campbell (QA Lead), Rick Hall (Senior Producer), Jonathan Hanna (Lead Designer), Jonathan Lecraft (Designer), Andy Dombroski (Lead World Builder), and Kevin Saffel (Client Programmer). It has information on the first game the developers played made by Origin, then moving onto the game - its design and gameplay, intersparsed with footage and concept art.

[Thanks to Fileshack for the video source]

Run time 4 minutes 47 seconds
Producer Origin
Production Company Origin
Audio/Visual AAC 44100Hz stereo 112Kbps [Apple Sound Media Handler], SVQ3 448x252 [Apple Video Media Handler]
Language English


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